Who we are

Omundo was once a country house surrounded by sugar cane fields, but now converted into a modern, chic restaurant in the Zuikertuintje. The Zuikertuintje is a cozy indoor shopping center where many nice shops can be found. Nice to combine with your dinner at Omundo! The sugar cane sticks to chew have been made for delicious dishes and accompanying drinks, either in the air conditioning or in the adjoining garden. Combined with the lighting, the style and the applied architecture, an unforgettable adventure is created, complemented by a beautiful lounge to enjoy your martini or a delicious quality wine from Omundo’s high-tech wine system.

The Kitchen

Omundo has an international cuisine where many different dishes are served. Omundo’s state-of-the-art cuisine prepares worldly dishes for those who experience the whole world as home.




Zuikertuintje Mall

Zuikertuintjeweg z/n




+5999 738 8477